The Best Breakfast in the World?

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The best breakfast in the world?  Now there is a challenge!  For me it used to be a full english but I find that heavy and, unless it’s made with the best possible ingredients, not so good.  Migas was a favourite – not any old migas but migas from the original 59 diner.  With Hugo’ salsa of death.  But then a friend called Buddy took me to the French Press in Lafayette and frankly my life changed.  There I had Cajun Eggs Benedict and what an incredible breakfast it is…

It is rich  – so rich the term filthy rich doesn’t do it justice.  If it were a car it would be a Bugatti Veyron with baby armadillo leather trim and a case of Krug 1988 Brut in the passenger seat and with Ursula Andress in that Bikini opening the door for you.

I might be digressing.

But with this depth of richness it needs to be a special occasion meal.  You know the sort – a hangover might be involved.  So what is it? Well start with thick buttered toast, topped with boudin and a beautifully poached egg sitting as a crown of yolky(!) goodness.  All covered in Gumbo roux style gravy with smoked sausage. Its hard to describe just how well the flavours and textures blend to be the perfect mix. I had to try and recreate this……

Donald Link’s Real Cajun is full of great recipes.  In there is his recipe for Boudin.  You should really buy the book but just for the boudin look here.  I used this for my boudin.  The pepperiness (is that a word?) is sublime.  So I fried up some boudin – not too long – enough to caramelise some bits but on whole wanting to keep it soft and moist.  That went on top of hot buttered “pain” from the local boulangerie.  I made a basic flour and oil roux that was super dark and added cajun spices and tyme to make a gravy – not too thin and not too thick!  To get a great poached egg sometimes it is best to make mini bain maries with cups in a bowl of boiling water.  That way they keep a good shape.  You could always go for the whirlpool method. Whisk the water so you have a whirlpool going and drop the egg in the middle.  Sounds easy.  It isn’t.  Go for the mini bain marie.  No, I correct myself.  That’s no fun.  Do the whirlpool thing.  It’s fun.  Now clean up the mess and do the bain marie like you were originally told.  My lovely (sic) wife has just reminded me how much fun the whirlpool thing was and no doubt I made a frickin mess of the kitchen again and didn’t tidy it up.  Opps she just read that  – apparently my eggs just looked crap.  Oh well.

Anyway I also fried up some choriso sausage.  I am sure Andouille would be better but the Andouille here is slightly different as its the real thing made from tripe and an acquired taste.  I love it but not everyone does.  It is the source of my favourite food quote – “good andouille is like politics, its only good if there is the faint wiff of s**t”.  Anyway this was all plated and provided to Cath and Evie.  A huge hit even with a six year old.  That sounds so much like the “my kids got such sophisticated taste” thing which is yuck but the truth is kids do tell you EXACTLY what they think.  Well excepting Bar who once managed to walk around with a prawn in his mouth for 4 hours before spitting it out  – despite  big grin and thumbs up when he tried it.

Any way if you have the boudin already made this takes a short time to make (assuming the gravy is also saved), and you bought eggs. And you don’t have to go to the baker.  It is really worth the small effort.  We ended up having it for dinner again that night.

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