Cheese and Leek Rolls

These popular rolls are based on glamorgan sausages. Instead of being incased in bread crumbs and fried, they are baked in puff pastry.  Also they are a good stand in for sausage rolls if you want a change.  I’ve given proportions to shape a full sized 5″ roll, but you can also cut these smaller for appetizers and snacks.  You can freeze whatever you don’t need unbaked.  They can be baked from frozen; just increase cooking times.

The leeks are sautéed in more butter than you might think is needed so that it will bind the mixture.

To thoroughly clean the leeks cut of the dark green portion.  Slice down the middle, leaving the root intact. Run cold water over leek, opening middle to rinse out all sand. Shake off excess water and slice.

You can make your own puff pastry or purchase it. If it’s store bought try to get all butter pastry if possible.

This recipe yields 12-15 rolls.

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