Pike Brewing Company Dinner

I recently prepared this menu for a dinner at the Gingerman Pub for Pike Brewing Company attended by the very nice Charles Finkel and Rose Ann Finkel.

1st Course
Pike Naughty Nellie, a golden artisan ale
Paired with Cantaloupe Salad
The acid in the beer goes well with the fresh fruit flavors of the salad.

2nd Course
Pike Kilt Lifter, a scotch style ruby ale with lots of malt and a hint of smoke
Paired with Raised Pork Pie, Mustard, and Gherkins
Pork goes fabulously with amber ales.

3rd Course
XXXXX Pike Stout, extra stout ale with a notes of coffee and liquorice
Paired with Beer Braised Short Ribs and Horseradish Mashed Potatoes
This rich beer stands up well to the rich flavors of the ribs.

4th Course
Pike Monk’s Uncle, a yeasty, fruity Belgian style tripel ale
Paired with Selection of Cheeses and Dried Fruit
As with pairing wine and cheese, match the strength of your beer to the strength of the cheeses.

5th Course
Pike Tandem, a double ale with flavors of fruit, bread, and treacle
Paired with Chocolate Bread Pudding and Whipped Cream
A rich dessert to go with a rich beer.

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