Book – A Platter of Figs – David Tanis

Blimey, just blimey. Buy this book.
I think we’ve made more than half of the dishes here, either as written, or adapted for the sake of my arteries – every dish has been excellent. The flavours Tanis produced in his cuisine are exquisite – he can make even the most mundane ingredient shine.

Book – Beyond Nose to Tail – Fergus Henderson & Justin Piers Gellatly

This is the sequel to the superb “Nose to Tail Eating” book. It provides some more excellent recipes following the same ethos as the first book, but also covers quite a few desserts and breads, written by the St. John’s pastry Chef, Justin Gellatly.

Angela has created a bread “mother” from the instructions given in this book. What a black art that is! There are so many differing methods to create a mother, but one common thread goes through them all, once it gets started, it will not die! They are also an essential part of bread-making. St. Johns are famous for their breads, and their mother (5 years old and counting) is used in practically all of their breads, and makes all the difference to both flavour and texture

Book – Nose to Tail Eating – Fergus Henderson

Yes, I do go on about Fergus Henderson. A lot. Not without reason, though. He was the first to gain recognition for championing the “Nose to Tail” ethos, and his books, written in a very witty, friendly style are a pleasure to read.

Book – The River Cottage Cookbook – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Yet another superb book from The River Cottage. The animal husbandry sections may seem overly detailed, or even superfluous to the average urbanite, but as Fearnley-Whittingstall explains, it is important to know where your food comes from.

This book is packed with some superb recipes and techniques.