Pâte Brisée Pie Crust


This recipe for páte brisée is my go to pie crust recipe.  It can be made quickly in a food processor. Also it stays flaky if you need to reroll your crust. If you don’t have a food processor you could always form it by hand. The butter must be at a cool room temperature to blend correctly. I usually make the dough the day before baking to prevent shrinkage.


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Coddled Eggs with Maggi Seasoning and Toast Soldiers

This recipe was inspired by Andy Ricker’s Khai Luak Kap Khanom Pang Ping in The Drinking Food of Thailand. I have applied different cooking techniques.

Coddled eggs are gently cooked and can run the gamut from hardly cooked to mostly cooked. They are similar to poached eggs as they traditionally are barely cooked with an intact runny yolk, but whereas poached eggs are dropped directly in the water, coddled eggs are cooked in a simmering water bath (bain-marie) in a heatproof vessel. These coddled eggs are cooked in mason jars and given an extra umami kick with some Maggi seasoning.

Small Mason Jars

You could get egg coddlers, heat proof cups with lids, especially for this purpose, but I used some small 4 oz mason jars. Heat proof ramekins could also be used.



You need a shallow pan with a tight fitting lid to make a bain-marie.  Water should be 3/4 high on the jars. Test this with empty jars, keeping in mind the water will be displaced. Put a trivet at the bottom of the pan to keep the jars from touching the bottom of the pan. Bring the water to a gentle simmer.



Ingredients for Coddled Eggs

The eggs are simply flavored with salt, freshly ground white pepper, and Maggi seasoning sauce, a dark thin hydrolysed vegetable protein-based (MSG) liquid condiment that was first developed in Switzerland in the 19th century. MSG gives the liquid a rich umami flavor that only requires a few drops for impact. MSG has been used to season food for a hundred years and the “Chinese restaurant symptom” has been shown to be a fallacy so feel free to enjoy your MSG.

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Mouse Ear Mushroom Salad ~ Yam Het Huu Nuu Khad


This recipe is adapted from The Drinking Food of Thailand by Andy Ricker with JJ Goode.





For the palm sugar simple syrup I used some tablets I already had.  I’ve used palm sugar in several forms, dried blocks and moist tubs. These have been my favorite; they’re so easy to work with. I used five, which was slightly over the 2 1/2 ounces called for in the recipe.


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Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

These meatballs have a great texture and are not heavy due to the panko breadcrumbs. You can substitute traditional breadcrumbs, but they won’t come out as light.

This dish has big flavors. The garlic mellows with the long simmer time, but you can reduce it if you like it milder. The anchovies will dissolve in the sauce and add subtle depth. (This also works for any sauce you’d like to kick up a notch). Romano cheese has a sharper flavor than parmesan which I really enjoy. Simmering the meatballs in the sauce gives them even more flavor.

Also using the best canned tomatoes you can find will add a lot of flavor.  Carefully read the fine print on the label; many are not true San Marzano tomatoes.

This recipe makes approximately 22 meatballs. This is usually more than I need so I freeze the remaining meatballs uncooked. You can serve these by themselves or with pasta.

For the sauce:

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Cheese and Leek Rolls

These popular rolls are based on glamorgan sausages. Instead of being incased in bread crumbs and fried, they are baked in puff pastry.  Also they are a good stand in for sausage rolls if you want a change.  I’ve given proportions to shape a full sized 5″ roll, but you can also cut these smaller for appetizers and snacks.  You can freeze whatever you don’t need unbaked.  They can be baked from frozen; just increase cooking times.

The leeks are sautéed in more butter than you might think is needed so that it will bind the mixture.

To thoroughly clean the leeks cut of the dark green portion.  Slice down the middle, leaving the root intact. Run cold water over leek, opening middle to rinse out all sand. Shake off excess water and slice.

You can make your own puff pastry or purchase it. If it’s store bought try to get all butter pastry if possible.

This recipe yields 12-15 rolls.

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