Lemony Snicket

A nice quick and easy cocktail.

Our Meyer Lemon tree has gone mad. Last year it produced just one lemon, this year it has gone ape. We’ve picked about 30 lemons and there are still a good number to go – at least another 30. The Meyer lemon, in case you’ve never tried one, is sort of a cross between a lemon and a mandarin – less sour than a lemon, with a deeper flavour.

Coming up with recipes is not hard – so far we have made Meyer-lemon bitters – they’ll be ready by Christmas, a Lemon marangue  pie, which was exceptional because of the Meyers. We’ve also made a simple syrup with them, which makes some of the best lemonade I’ve ever tasted – simply pour a bit of the syrup in a tall glass, add ice and soda-water and Bob is your proverbial uncle. Delicious.

As today s the first day of my vacation, I decided that we probably needed a cocktail, there being a “D” in the day and all. I decided to use the simple syrup as a base. First made it without the Grand Marnier, but it was missing a certain something. Oh Grand Marnier, you complete me, or at the very least, you complete this cocktail.

Take a tall glass, add meyer-lemon simple syrup – remember it’s very sweet, treat it a bit like the syrup drinks if yesteryear, and put about a centimetre or half an inch at the bottom of the glass. Add ice.

Add 1 measure of white rum (we used Treaty Oak Platinum Rum from Austin), and half a measure of Grand Marnier. Cointreau will also do, but remember that it is sweeter. Fill the glass with soda-water and add a splash or two of lemon bitter. Stir and serve.

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