Fix me a sammich

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I do enjoy a good sandwich. It has to be made with excellent bread and fresh ingredients mind you, which is why most pre-packaged triangular “sandwiches” so rarely come up to snuff. Making your own is more satisfying on many levels – you make it yourself, and you make it exactly the way you want it;  can’t be bad.

While adding condiments can be the way to go, think mustard on ham, or horseradish on roast-beef, there is one sandwich that requires no condiments at all, just great ingredients and a bit of seasoning. As a kid, growing up in Holland, I used to regularly head to De Bruine Boon in Leiden, and order a koffie-verkeerd (Basically a coffee made “wrongly”, lots of milk) and a broodje-brie. The Bruine-Boon is still there today, but seems to have been renovated, so to me, has lost some of its charm. Of course, it may be exactly the same, and I have become jaded, who knows? If you are in Leiden, I recommend it for a spot of lunch (or brunch with a hangover – I seem to remember doing a lot of those at the Boon).

So for a broodje-brie, or Brie sandwich, take a fresh, crusty, French Baguette ( I believe they’re called Freedom Baguettes over here), some Brie (the most delicious is invariably a triple-cream, but for the sake of your weight or your heart, any will do), and a fresh, ripe tomato.

Slice about 6 inches diagonally from the baguette, and split it down it’s length. Cut slices, about 5 mm thick of the Brie and cover the bottom slice of bread with it. Then thinly (or however you want) slice the tomatoes and lay them on the Brie. Season with salt and freshly ground black-pepper. That’s it!

This sandwich really hits the spot at lunchtime, and goes well with a crisp, dry white-wine like a Sancerre, or a New-Zealand Cabernet-Sauvignon. Or a nice dry cider, or a beer, or a glass of water, or a koffie-verkeerd. You get the picture.

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  1. I frequented De Bruine Boon way back in 1974 when it had just opened its doors for the first time. Yeah I know, I’m an old geezer and this comment has little to do with brie and tomato sandwiches. They didnt serve those back in the old days, if I remember correctly. But they already knew all about excellent koffie verkeerd. Its the place where me and my girlfriend Angela, whom I married later, used to meet almost daly during her lunchbreak. Nowadays, when I’m in the neighborhood, I like to pop in and have a quick one on Angela, who unfortunately passed away some years ago. Its not exactly the same without her, but they still know how to make great coffee!

  2. Nice story Jan – thanks for sharing it. Whenever I am in Holland (which is only about once a year these days) I try to pop into De Boon for a coffee etc. It’s one of those places that seems like it will always be there. Hope it is.

    Glad to hear that it is as important to you as it is to me.

    Take care,

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