Chicken Rissoles

Like many savory pies of the world, rissoles have made their way all over the map, from Ireland to Indonesia. Rissoles can be sweet or savory and have many different names. In Portugal they are called rissóis and are often filled with shrimp or fish and béchamel sauce. The version below is encased in pastry and rolled in bread crumbs. They can be baked at 350F, but I like them fried.

These are definitely a weekend project. The pastry is easy, but puff pastry can be substituted if you would like to skip a step. While delicious fried, the puff pastry will be more delicate and you must keep it cool while working it. Also you could make the filling the day before.

They make great bar snacks and taste even better cold.

Makes 30

1 lb boneless skinless chicken thighs
6 cups salty chicken stock
1 bay leaf
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Sweet & Spicy Short Ribs

Short ribs are always delicious.  Here I’ve added touches of Louisiana with Steen’s Cane Syrup for sweetness and Louisiana style hot sauce for the heat.  Also it adds some vinegar for that small bit of acid that makes food pop.

4 Short Ribs
2 Cups Beef Stock
4 Tablespoons Steen’s Syrup
4 Tablespoons Louisiana-style Hot Sauce
1 Onion, Sliced
3 Cloves Garlic, Crushed
1 Bay Leaf
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The Best Breakfast in the World?

The best breakfast in the world?  Now there is a challenge!  For me it used to be a full english but I find that heavy and, unless it’s made with the best possible ingredients, not so good.  Migas was a favourite – not any old migas but migas from the original 59 diner.  With Hugo’ salsa of death.  But then a friend called Buddy took me to the French Press in Lafayette and frankly my life changed.  There I had Cajun Eggs Benedict and what an incredible breakfast it is…

It is rich  – so rich the term filthy rich doesn’t do it justice.  If it were a car it would be a Bugatti Veyron with baby armadillo leather trim and a case of Krug 1988 Brut in the passenger seat and with Ursula Andress in that Bikini opening the door for you.

I might be digressing.

But with this depth of richness it needs to be a special occasion meal.  You know the sort – a hangover might be involved.  So what is it? Well start with thick buttered toast, topped with boudin and a beautifully poached egg sitting as a crown of yolky(!) goodness.  All covered in Gumbo roux style gravy with smoked sausage. Its hard to describe just how well the flavours and textures blend to be the perfect mix. I had to try and recreate this……

Donald Link’s Real Cajun is full of great recipes.  In there is his recipe for Boudin.  You should really buy the book but just for the boudin look here.  I used this for my boudin. Continue reading “The Best Breakfast in the World?”

Unskinny Bacon

Here in Paris buying bacon can be a challenge.  Well not really if all you want is lardons…… you can buy those with ease anywhere.  But actual rashers of bacon – that’s another matter.  If you do get them they tend to be so wafer thin you just cannot peel them out of the packet without ending up with an absolute mess.  And just occasionally 🙁 that just does not work for a proper bacon sandwich.  Something Evie has become more than partial to.  So it was back to MEAT by HFW, John’s posted about it before, and curing our own bacon.  It’s very simple.  I went off to Les Sablons outdoor market and bought some pork belly.  Really getting to know one of the butchers there now and getting some great produce. Recognising the same merchant makes a big difference here as you build a rapport. Once home the bacon was rubbed in course salt into which was mixed brown sugar, bay leaves, a little BBQ dry rub and a secret hickory smoked salt (from Central Market – one of my must visits whenever in Houston).   Continue reading “Unskinny Bacon”